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Surveillance Made Easy

If a burglar has entered your home or office, you might ask yourself, “Were they in my bedroom?” “Did they go through our files and documents?” “How exactly did they get in?” That discomforting question of “What If” is answered with surveillance cameras. Even if a breaking and entering has occurred, the ability to go back and retrace exactly what happened is peace of mind in itself.

Statistics show that you are less likely to be invaded if a thief spots a security camera because surveillance cameras frighten burglars, plain and simple. That’s why we stock an amazing selection of security cameras, for every type of person and every type of property.

Hellfire Computers is here to help!

We typically run 4, 8, or 16 camera CCTV systems with DVR’s. We’ll also provide installation services for either your home or business.

DVR’s come with an internal hard drive. We can also provide remote access so you can see it from your smartphone or laptop!

We work with and use a variety of full color cameras, all with day and night vision using infrared vision. You can see a least 90 ft. away and with some setups, you can see MUCH further.  You can use wide angle lenses for 120 degree field of view.

We also do custom jobs. If you have any questions, stop in or call to ask us!

All this starting at just $699.

Why choose Hellfire?

  • Established History in the High Desert
  • 10% Price Match Guarantee
  • Easy In-and-Out Service

  • Free PC Diagnostics
  • Highest Level Certifications
  • We Speak Plain English

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