Why Is My Computer Running Slow?

Many things can slow your computer down. A slow computer is often a symptom of: viruses and spyware, corrupted programs & data, faulty hardware, low hard drive space, outdated drivers, overheating, or even the dust bunnies floating around inside!

But we have great news for you. Bring your computer in for a TOTALLY FREE DIAGNOSTIC. We’ll let you know exactly what’s causing your computer to slow down and get you back up and running in no time.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix My Computer?

The short answer: it depends on what’s wrong.

But, bring your computer in for a FREE diagnostic and we will tell you the exact cost before starting any repairs. If it’s too much to spend on your old computer, no problem! You can pick it up at no cost, or you can trade it in towards a new or refurbished computer or laptop. We also offer FREE recycling services for old electronics. Drop off your junk electronics at no charge for environmentally-friendly recycling.

Do You Buy Used Computers?

Yes we do!

Whether your computer is broken (literally), has viruses, is running slow, or doesn’t turn on, we want to buy it! Bring it in so we can check it out and make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Are You Really 'Hell On Computer Problems'?

Just between us…

Absolutely! But don’t tell your PC. You wouldn’t want it to start acting like an animal going to the vet, would you?

Where's Jaen at?

That’s a question we find ourselves asking often as well!

If you see him before we do, can you let him know we’re looking for him? Thanks.

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