Commercial Network Service & Support

Business Productivity Software Consultation

From analysis & evaluation to installation & configuration, Hellfire Computers is experienced in bringing the appropriate software solution to your business. We customize and support a variety of open source & commercial custom software. Hellfire Computers works with a trusted group of business and software consultants to assist in a complete software solution.

First, we start with a business process evaluation at a key or target area. This is followed with an in-depth needs analysis and the results are compared to a variety of base tools and open source applications to provide a work description. The work description is evaluated and resources are deployed to accomplish project completion and conclude an effective solution.

Network Performance Evaluation & Analysis

In addition to regular network maintenance for managed clients, Hellfire Computers also regularly provides technical consultation for IT departments which benefit from an outside perspective.

Network performance consulting includes real-time analysis of server load and network utilization in order to help develop a consistent plan to improve performance of vital network resources. Server database, application and file share loads are examined to provide recommendations of server upgrades or resource movement, improving the end user experience.

We will evaluate and help subnet or divide network resources to improve overall throughput. In addition, direct traffic analysis will help clean up unnecessary transmission and eliminate waste of network bandwidth.

Infrastructure Planning and Maintenance

All managed network clients receive ongoing infrastructure planning as well as complete equipment maintenance. This includes performing regular needs analysis in conjunction with customer feedback to design and develop multi-year plans. This allows us to accommodate business growth and user changes, and enables reliable resource allocation & budgeting.

Before a client becomes managed with a Hellfire Computers maintenance program, we perform a top to bottom review process. This includes cable infrastructure, workstations, & switch gear, and a full in depth server review is performed to establish the existing network integrity. Backup & security status are reviewed along with disaster planning and recovery procedures. This brings an unsurpassed level of stability and security to your technology.

Network Security

Network security knowledge and experience has many facets, including (but not limited to):

  • SANS GIAC courses in intrusion detection, packet & bit-level traffic monitoring & analysis using tcpdump, Ethereal, NFR
  • Basic scanning & vulnerability checking using nmap, Nessus and similar tools
  • Firewall ruleset creation and testing (both manually and using higher level tools)
  • Cisco router ACL ruleset creation and testing
  • PIX firewall configuration
  • Intrusion Detection (IDS) system design & configuration using Snort
  • Working experience with transparent bridging
  • Use of centralized logging
  • Use of multi-factor authentication including RADIUS, OPIE, S/Key, and token-based approaches

We also provide general information, security assessment, and assistance in creating & implementing corporate information security policies.

Network Solutions

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