We Have Moved!

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Hey everyone, it’s Jaen, the owner of Hellfire Computers. I’m dropping this post to let you all know about the big changes with my company. We have changed locations on July 30th, 2014. Due to my current landlord not honoring his word on selling me my current location I have

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How Long Would It Take For A Hacker To Figure Out Your Passwords?

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Security and safety are major concerns to us. Any computer that gets on the internet is at risk for viruses, spyware, ,¬†malware, and worst of all… HACKERS! The evil scourge of the internet prowling around cyberspace trying to break into the information we hold so dear. For all of our

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Is Microsoft Bringing Back The “Start” Button To Windows 8?

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Rumors are circulating that programmers have dug up coding in a leaked version of the next Windows update that suggests that Windows 8.1 will once again bring back the “Start” button. The latest rumors indicate that Microsoft may be moving to squash these apps, by enabling 8.1 to boot directly

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